Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday strategy for staying in shape and still eating what you want.

It happens every year. The inevitable holiday season rolls around and undoubtedly throws a wrench into your fitness....everything. You end up getting caught between the pumpkin pie and a 5 mile run. The turkey leftovers and your HIIT workout. Here are some tips to help you get thru this season

Here is your holiday strategy guide for staying fit and still eating what you want.

1.) Know what the holidays have in store for you. You will understandably be busier this time of year, the key is still sticking to your regime.

2.) Modify your workouts and implement more cardio/cardio strength training. Keep up with the lifting, you don't want to slip at all in your strength but you need to be burning the extra calories you will be taking in.

3.) Eliminate late night face stuffing. Eating two pieces of pie with whipped cream at 1130pm then passing out will stick with you. Get all your eating in earlier in the evening. Maybe a light jog afterwards.

4.) Get a workout partner, or get involved with a class based program. Its a scheduled program that you can devote time to and get in a routine. Better yet, if classes aren't your thing, higher a trainer that specializes in something new and interesting too you. Stimulate your brain as well as your body. You'll be less inclined to replace the workout days with lazy days.

5.) For me, fall and winter are the best times I can devote to getting stronger. Figure out where you want to be at strength wise by march and design your workout to get there. If you have no clue what to do, again, hire a trainer. You'll be much safer learning new exercises and packing on the muscle with the movements your trainer can teach you. Once March rolls around, check back to your goals you made now and measure yourself to then. Doing it in march will allow ample time to strip the fat youll acquire over the holidays just in time for shirtless season!

Remember, if you are going out to put size on, trust in a trainer. They can keep you safe, and give you the structure you need. There are pre-requisites involved with doing a proper Clean, Deadlift, Front Squat. A trained eye can spot any problem areas with a good prelim assessment, and correct them so that when you finally do get to your Power Cleans you wont be throwing your back out and slipping a disc.

Happy Holidays from Knockout Boxing and Fitness!