Friday, June 20, 2014

Summa Time

Curious things happen at a gym throughout the year. Different things set off reactions and trends. Holidays, weather, and season changes are the biggest. I've been in the fitness industry for close to 8 years now and every year I see the same trend that happens right around this time of year....And that is gym attendance.

Right about now is when the people who enrolled in, or started working out in January and February start flaking out of their routines. You see it in every gym, albeit not as much at Knockout as say, Planet Fitness or something. Even still though, it pains me to see people lose motivation and drive right when they can really start making some significant progress with themselves. We've all heard the random fitness facts about how working out or being active increases such and such things, and for the most part I've found that most of these things hold true, but they don't happen overnight...Maybe, if you're lucky they can start manifesting in around a month (typically happens only to athletes that are active but trying a different approach) but...if you are a 1-2 times per week gym goer, these results wont appear for at least 2-4 months. Significant weight loss, significant or, rather, noticeable strength gains, etc take much longer to break into and if you started your journey in the beginning of the year, then start slacking are effectively throwing away everything you've worked for over the past couple months. From experience, the 4-6 month time span since you've consistently began working out are the most crucial times for progression. Don't stop now! Now is when you should be progressing from the basics to the intermediate level movements and weights and overall difficulty. Now is when you really start seeing differences in yourself, and so will others. Whether its fitness, or fighting, you cant stop now.


Knockout Boxing FTW! Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Gyms as a whole

Going to a gym. Its the socially acceptable thing to do for just about everyone. Its a place where personalities, backgrounds, ethnicities, and ages all clash. And can really lead to some interesting situations, both good...and unfortunately sometimes not  so good. 

Going to the gym, belonging to a gym...or even just working out are all things that society as a whole deems acceptable...almost expected. From Meatheads, to fighters, to weekend warriors, fitness freaks, and cross fit junkies....whatever stereotype you fall under, more then likely there is at least one example in any gym you might walk into with thoughts about joining.

Important things to think about when joining a gym. You need to have goals of what you want to achieve and expectations of the gym in question. Can this facility get to me my dream body? Will I effectively learn how to box? Are there sufficient amounts of equipment for crowded days? How much does it cost? Are contracts involved? How are the trainers? How is the atmosphere? All these things need to be taken into consideration. Some people know exactly what they want. Others might have an idea of what they want. And still others might only be there because "its the right thing to do". A lot of these questions go hand in hand with each other. For example, the cost of a gym membership and the type of experience you get. If you take a chain gym franchise that sells basic memberships for 10 bucks a month, don't be expecting to get advice from any trainers on how to shape up your ass. Don't expect anything more then just using the equipment. Now, on the complete opposite side of things, you walk into a fitness studio where all training is supervised, and results are guaranteed...don't be expecting to have a 10 dollar membership option available to you. Know your goals, know your expectations, then pick a gym accordingly. Yes, Personal training studios, Specialized Training gyms etc. are going to cost  more money, but you should know that walking into it. You get what you pay for. These smaller facilities will give you a much better, much safer, and much more fulfilling fitness experience. After all, you gotta pay to play!

Here's to all the clients that I've signed up for Knockout, who knew what they wanted and found their perfect gym!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Fitness Journey: Why we do it

The Fitness Journey

When most people set out to better themselves through fitness, they don't necessarily know what it means to be fit. To me, and the other trainers at Knockout Boxing, we believe being fit encompasses more then how fast you run a mile, how much you bench, or how ripped your abs are. Everyone starts from a different place as far as their bodies are concerned, but we all want to be "fit"...or do we?

What is fit??? What should an individual do to be fit? How about looking at it a different way. What about, "I'm going to start working out so I can feel better." Isnt that something we can all agree on?

Put it this way, take one body builder and one MMA athlete and ask them what their definition of fit is. Then take two people who don't workout, one whose way overweight and the other whose skin and bones, and ask them the same question. I bet you they are all going to answer differently. But, if you ask them if they would all like to feel better, they would answer the same.... "YES".

Whether its someone that's been sedentary for 10 years at a desk job, or a girl that isn't happy with what her ass looks like, we all work out for the same reasons. We may not know it, but we all do it to feel better. Personal Satisfaction. To feel better.

Do it to feel better.