Monday, August 29, 2016

Forming the proper fitness routine. Should It stay or should it go?

Greetings from Knockout! It's been quite a while but we are back and ready to address one of the more complicated issues of fitness. At Knockout,  our cardio kickboxing program is of course cardio based. So a majority of our clientele will drop body fat, and will tone as a result of the body weight strength movements incorporated into the class. So all that seems fine and dandy however....this will often lead to a "flatter" look if you will. So to address that, we added in our WOSS suspension training program. The results...our clientele love they way they look, and its an added breath of fresh air for all them.

Point being is, there will be a time in your fitness journey that you'll plateau, not be happy with your appearance blah blah whatever. You need to make changes and supplement your routine to keep things fresh and interesting.

Lifters, Fighters, Crossfitters, you name it we all diversify our training. The methodology and the structure of the program is up to your or your trainer (see advantages of having a personal trainer). If you find yourself not progressing, chances are you need to make some changes. Boxing and Kickboxing provide an excellent compliment to traditional strength training routines so, dont be afraid to stop by your local boxing or kickboxing gym and try a class or two....your body will thank you for it.

-Knockout Boxing.