Thursday, August 10, 2017

How to become a better you!

The Process of becoming a better you...

People say time and time again that the best form of investment is in yourself. That's why colleges, certifications and continuing education exist. The same holds true for your health. Your body is your temple, and in order to succeed in the cruel world you need to be prepared for it. No, I'm not talking about being able to dead lift 4 times your body weight, or last 15, 3 minute rounds in the ring. I'm talking about making strides to improve the  way you feel overall. Everything comes from within. Emotion, energy, intelligence....everything that can or could power you to come from within. By improving the way you feel, you pave the way for more lofty goals (like what I stated above)

Step 1) Get in the Gym

I see all types of people, in all walks of life walk through my doors looking to take step one of improving themselves.  They want to drop weight, they want to eliminate join pain, they want to learn how to box, they want to relieve stress. This is the first step.

Step 2) Change your mindset

Accept that there will be days you don't want to do jack shit. You'll have that text message to your trainer typed out "hey man, rough day at work, I wont make it in tonight". But that mindset, that lack of self discipline (in regards to your health) is what got you here in the first place. Quitting is easy. Excuses are easy.  Staying the course to your goals is not. You must change your mindset from "I want to get in shape" to "I have to get in shape".

Step 3) Consistency

Following Step 2 will open the door to step 3. Consistency. As with anything in life, you have to stay consistent at something to achieve anything. Graduate college? Gotta go to class. Get that promotion at work? Gotta give 110%. Want that new Car? Get that promotion....Your health is no different. Maybe you dont need to lose weight, maybe you just need to relieve stress, maybe you want to net work with new people. If you're flaky with your training schedule then you will get flaky results. You can hire the best personal trainer in the world but if you cancel 50% of the time, you're just wasting money, and time (of both parties)

Step 4) Reevaluate yourself

This is time for reflection. Look back to see where you were and where you are at now. If you lost 20 lbs, go pick up a 20 pound weight and just feel it. It gives you a visualization of how much you've lost. I have a couple clients that are in the 30-40 lb total weight loss range and when I stop them and ask them to squat the weight they lost, it really puts things into perspective. If your goal wasn't to lose weight, perhaps it was to increase strength look back at the workouts you use to do vs what you can do CONSISTENTLY now.

What about boxing? Ring time is the time when you put your new skills, your quicker reaction speeds all to work. I've been training this guy Ben for a few years now and just recently he was able to land the hardest punch hes ever landed on me. He was more aggressive and had better defense then the last time we moved around. Yeah the punch stung a bit, but it made me happy as trainer and a coach.

Point is, take time to pat yourself on the back. The mind needs reinforcement as does the body. Even if you aren't quite at the goal you set, the road itself has many rewards be sure to enjoy them.

Step 5) Set New goals

Your training should never stop. You reach a goal, its just time to set a higher one. Embrace that grind. Celebrate your victory over yourself, regroup and set out on the next road. A couple of my cardio clients have decided to try out my skilled Boxing program after participating in the cardio program for years. They are in great shape, but learning to actually box is something completely different then smacking the bag around. Its difficult, and frustrating and can sting a bit at times. However, they now have a new goal and a new purpose behind their training.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Forming the proper fitness routine. Should It stay or should it go?

Greetings from Knockout! It's been quite a while but we are back and ready to address one of the more complicated issues of fitness. At Knockout,  our cardio kickboxing program is of course cardio based. So a majority of our clientele will drop body fat, and will tone as a result of the body weight strength movements incorporated into the class. So all that seems fine and dandy however....this will often lead to a "flatter" look if you will. So to address that, we added in our WOSS suspension training program. The results...our clientele love they way they look, and its an added breath of fresh air for all them.

Point being is, there will be a time in your fitness journey that you'll plateau, not be happy with your appearance blah blah whatever. You need to make changes and supplement your routine to keep things fresh and interesting.

Lifters, Fighters, Crossfitters, you name it we all diversify our training. The methodology and the structure of the program is up to your or your trainer (see advantages of having a personal trainer). If you find yourself not progressing, chances are you need to make some changes. Boxing and Kickboxing provide an excellent compliment to traditional strength training routines so, dont be afraid to stop by your local boxing or kickboxing gym and try a class or two....your body will thank you for it.

-Knockout Boxing.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Benefits of Personal Training Vs Class based training or DIY fitness
by Jonathan Gainey and Timothy Basich

"Why do I need personal training? I can do stuff on my own and I get a lot out of the classes I already take..." - Beginning

"I feel like I'm not getting anything out of my workouts! I'm not losing weight like I was even though I'm doing double the workouts! This doesn't make sense! - 4 Months into training

Fitness professionals see it every day. The client or clients struggling to make progress on their own or in a group class. As trainers, we know and understand the benefits of personalized workouts and programs.  There's a reason why the top athletes, teams, and clubs all encourage the usage of personal trainers to help accentuate what that person already does. The teams understand this, as do the individuals. It is a necessary piece of the training/fitness puzzle. In a perfect world with no restrictions, everyone would have their own personal coach...

....But when you get into more main stream fitness, the reasons often become overshadowed by real world problems that face many individuals. These include, tighter budgets, time restraints, physical limitations, family obligations amongst other things.

So why do Personal training? How can it help you get to your goals?

1.) The biggest reason to do one on one training is to reduce the risk of injury. If you've ever wandered onto the internet wasteland of exercise fail videos, then I'm sure you've see someone trying to change up their routine or incorporate some new creative movement they saw on the internet....Listen, do yourself a favor and pay for a few sessions with your gyms personal trainer.  They can help you master the movements that always "hurt your back for some reason" or "destroy your knees". Like most people, you have to work the next day so injuring yourself on an improper dead-lift doesn't make you look like a gym're just hurt and cant go to work now.

Verdict - Go hire a trainer to show you how to lift properly. Estimated cost - $199-$499 depending on how many sessions/months you choose to do.

2.) If you walk into a gym or a class and feel the hell am I here doing this and that then you're experiencing the second reason why hiring a personal trainer should be on your too do list. A trainer is an educated (well most times)  individual with whom you place your trust into guiding you on your fitness career. They are the ones making the workout and can envision the end goal. Its also their job to explain to you why you are doing these movements/programs. If you don't understand why you're in the gym in the first place you need a trainer or you may need a new trainer

Verdict - Personal Trainers (good ones) can help you understand why this movement over that movement. Estimated cost - $199 - $350/monthly  range just because you are most likely going to be enrolled in a long term program

3.) The beginning is always the easiest. If you are disciplined with your eating, the pounds are dropping and you are happy. Then comes the slow grind. Its right here where many individuals lose sight of their goals and fall off the tracks. A trainer is also a coach. A personal motivator that often times makes the difference between getting that last rep, or last evolution done and calling it quits early.

Verdict - Get a trainer that also forms a connection with you as a client. You will be more inclined to stay disciplined and consistent with your program.  Cost - Motivation is priceless. It can get you everything if you have it and will result in nothing if you don't.

4.) Our 4th reason is goes hand in hand with #2. Lack of structure in your workouts.  Many individuals will add things into their own routines because, "I saw this really in shape person doing it" or "it looked cool" or I'm bored with this so lets try this. Getting to your fitness goals isn't just about doing random shit to burn calories. You need structure!! A good trainer will bring to the table,  a structured program catered to you and evolve it as you progress.  It involved many aspects not just limited to your goals but also your physical activity level during the day, your type of job, age etc etc. Bottom line is if their is no structure it can be like walking into college when you skipped out on Middle School because it didn't look to interesting. There are necessary things that need to be done before you progress. You cant just go and do what you please....then you'll end up at our first'll be hurt

Verdict - Trainers can get you a structured program. Cost - You get what you pay for. Don't let the initial costs of a well thought out program that can help you achieve anything scare you off. It is well worth it in the long run and will save you lots of time and headache in down the road.

5.) Dysfunctional Bio-mechanics. You need to have a good, solid foundation to build off of. No, I'm not talking about 15% body fat starting off and able to deadlift 300lbs. I'm talking about decent posture, quality range of motion, a strong enough core and legs that are stable enough to support what you will be doing. Common misconceptions lead weekend warriors to believe that more is better, faster is better. Thats not true. You must address bio-mechanical flaws before you look to build anything. Dont build a sky scraper over a sink hole....Proper assessments can be done by your trainer that will expose this flaws. A structured program will help fix these flaws, all the while progressing at a safe rate you can live with.

Verdict - You have to learn to crawl before you can walk.  The same mentality must be taken when addressing bio-mechanical flaws. Get these things taken care of first so you can be the fitness animal you want to be later! Cost - Depends on how much your trainer charges or how much time you feel like missing from work if you get hurt because you elect to not go with a trainer that can recognize underlying issues. I dont know about you but if I have instability in my knee, I'd rather address is early on...then tear my acl/mcl/pcl later.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday strategy for staying in shape and still eating what you want.

It happens every year. The inevitable holiday season rolls around and undoubtedly throws a wrench into your fitness....everything. You end up getting caught between the pumpkin pie and a 5 mile run. The turkey leftovers and your HIIT workout. Here are some tips to help you get thru this season

Here is your holiday strategy guide for staying fit and still eating what you want.

1.) Know what the holidays have in store for you. You will understandably be busier this time of year, the key is still sticking to your regime.

2.) Modify your workouts and implement more cardio/cardio strength training. Keep up with the lifting, you don't want to slip at all in your strength but you need to be burning the extra calories you will be taking in.

3.) Eliminate late night face stuffing. Eating two pieces of pie with whipped cream at 1130pm then passing out will stick with you. Get all your eating in earlier in the evening. Maybe a light jog afterwards.

4.) Get a workout partner, or get involved with a class based program. Its a scheduled program that you can devote time to and get in a routine. Better yet, if classes aren't your thing, higher a trainer that specializes in something new and interesting too you. Stimulate your brain as well as your body. You'll be less inclined to replace the workout days with lazy days.

5.) For me, fall and winter are the best times I can devote to getting stronger. Figure out where you want to be at strength wise by march and design your workout to get there. If you have no clue what to do, again, hire a trainer. You'll be much safer learning new exercises and packing on the muscle with the movements your trainer can teach you. Once March rolls around, check back to your goals you made now and measure yourself to then. Doing it in march will allow ample time to strip the fat youll acquire over the holidays just in time for shirtless season!

Remember, if you are going out to put size on, trust in a trainer. They can keep you safe, and give you the structure you need. There are pre-requisites involved with doing a proper Clean, Deadlift, Front Squat. A trained eye can spot any problem areas with a good prelim assessment, and correct them so that when you finally do get to your Power Cleans you wont be throwing your back out and slipping a disc.

Happy Holidays from Knockout Boxing and Fitness!


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Women are weak........YEAH RIGHT!

Catchy title for this post eh? I wonder how many ladies came in here all pissed off like, "I am not weak! What does this guy know!?"

No women are most certainly not weak, however the general consensus  is that women aren't overly strong either. This is also wrong. We've seen people come in with all types of limitations. From bad knees, slipped discs, hernias, week ankles all the way up to amputees, but by far the worst limitations a person can put on themselves is the notion that they cant do this or they cant do that. It's painful sometimes how people will sell themselves short. As a trainer, I'm pushing someone to be better then when they came thru my door. For women, lifting...and lifting heavy is something that can be down right terrifying and next to impossible.

 "No thanks, I have my pink 5 pound weights that I curl 26 reps at a time"

....Please put the toy weights down madam and trust yourself some.

Women, not all women, but most want to look neat and toned. Not overly muscular, not rail thin, but somewhere in the middle. Lets keep the feminine figure. First off, ladies need to understand that high rep, low weight lifting is not the way to get toned. Its 100% a myth. On the flip side of things don't be trying to deadlift 600lbs...even I would not be walking away from that.

"There are two types of muscle tone ; myogenic and neurogenic. Don't get thrown off by the sciency words; the first simply refers to your muscle tone at rest. It is affected by the density of your muscles; the greater the density of your muscles, the harder and firmer you will appear. Heavy training increases your myogenic tone through the hypertrophy (growth) of the contractile proteins myosin and actin (myosin and actin are by far the most dense components of skeletal muscle).

 The second aspect of a muscles' tone is neurogenic tone, or the tone that is expressed when movements or contractions occur. Again, lower rep training comes out on top as training with heavy loads will increase the sensitivity of alpha and gamma motor neurons, thus increasing neurogenic tone when conducting even the simplest of movements (i.e. walking, extending your arm to point, etc). " - Body

You don't need the 30 day squat challenge, Butt Burner workouts with so and so personal trainer you found in a bin at Wal Mart. You need compound movements like the deadlift and  front/back squats. If you are a novice at lifting, and you're intimidated by the weights hands down the best way to learn is a hiring a personal trainer. You will learn the lifts, develop your technique as well as your strength and with the strength comes the confidence. Confidence that you CAN do it after-all.

So ladies, in closing. Lose the pink weights, the knee pushups and your squat challenges paper you got from a friend at work and put some time in with the Barbells and Dumbbells. Don't be afraid of putting another plate on each end, don't be afraid to progress. You CAN do it. You ARE strong.

-Keep calm, Punch Harder

Knockout Boxing and Fitness.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bored? Diversify your workouts.

I think everyone can agree that at some point in our fitness endeavors, we have gotten outright bored with our routine and then we start slacking off. Three weeks of that and your abs or your ass don't look quite as good. But you cant help it you tell yourself, youre bored of what youre doing and you need a change. But to what? What is going to stimulate you mentally and physically?

Realizing you are bored or you are stagnating with your current workout is key, and you can mix up what you are doing. But you need to be smart with it. Know your goals and design a program based off of that. You can diversify your workouts and still keep the same goals. Its just a different road to the same place. What does that "different road" do for you if it takes you to the same place? It creates neurological stimulation for you that will translate, if executed through the right program, to some significant physical gains.

 A simple example would be toning for women. The go to thing for women to tone up is.........RUNNING! WooooooOOOOOO. That's awesome, for about 2 months then that gets boring....but youll keep doing it because, yes you will lose some weight and tighten up. And eventually reach the plateau everyone encounters. Typically, people will add miles and miles onto their routine, putting their joints through hell even longer just to try to see more gains. Eventually you just end up running your muscle off so theres nothing left to tone. That's if you don't develop shin splints, knee/back problems from improper running technique. But I digress.

Instead, what you can do is change up how you do your cardio. Boxing/Kickboxing for example is a great alternative AND....neurologically stimulates your brain so you are generally interested and...enjoy your new workout. You can keep your running, but limit what you do with it. Don't over train. As anyone that comes to Knockout and has enrolled in our Cardio Program, they will tell you we have thousands of ways to wear you out cardio wise...none of which will throw away the muscle you need to be healthy and look your best. Variations even from workout to workout keep your body and mind stimulated and keeps our clients in great shape.

Don't be afraid to change stuff up, you'll be glad you did!

Knockout Night, July 25th @ Schaefers Canal House in Chesapeake City, MD. Jonathan will be there around 730-8pm ish.

Outty 5000 take it Easy.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Summa Time

Curious things happen at a gym throughout the year. Different things set off reactions and trends. Holidays, weather, and season changes are the biggest. I've been in the fitness industry for close to 8 years now and every year I see the same trend that happens right around this time of year....And that is gym attendance.

Right about now is when the people who enrolled in, or started working out in January and February start flaking out of their routines. You see it in every gym, albeit not as much at Knockout as say, Planet Fitness or something. Even still though, it pains me to see people lose motivation and drive right when they can really start making some significant progress with themselves. We've all heard the random fitness facts about how working out or being active increases such and such things, and for the most part I've found that most of these things hold true, but they don't happen overnight...Maybe, if you're lucky they can start manifesting in around a month (typically happens only to athletes that are active but trying a different approach) but...if you are a 1-2 times per week gym goer, these results wont appear for at least 2-4 months. Significant weight loss, significant or, rather, noticeable strength gains, etc take much longer to break into and if you started your journey in the beginning of the year, then start slacking are effectively throwing away everything you've worked for over the past couple months. From experience, the 4-6 month time span since you've consistently began working out are the most crucial times for progression. Don't stop now! Now is when you should be progressing from the basics to the intermediate level movements and weights and overall difficulty. Now is when you really start seeing differences in yourself, and so will others. Whether its fitness, or fighting, you cant stop now.


Knockout Boxing FTW! Have a great weekend!