Thursday, August 10, 2017

How to become a better you!

The Process of becoming a better you...

People say time and time again that the best form of investment is in yourself. That's why colleges, certifications and continuing education exist. The same holds true for your health. Your body is your temple, and in order to succeed in the cruel world you need to be prepared for it. No, I'm not talking about being able to dead lift 4 times your body weight, or last 15, 3 minute rounds in the ring. I'm talking about making strides to improve the  way you feel overall. Everything comes from within. Emotion, energy, intelligence....everything that can or could power you to come from within. By improving the way you feel, you pave the way for more lofty goals (like what I stated above)

Step 1) Get in the Gym

I see all types of people, in all walks of life walk through my doors looking to take step one of improving themselves.  They want to drop weight, they want to eliminate join pain, they want to learn how to box, they want to relieve stress. This is the first step.

Step 2) Change your mindset

Accept that there will be days you don't want to do jack shit. You'll have that text message to your trainer typed out "hey man, rough day at work, I wont make it in tonight". But that mindset, that lack of self discipline (in regards to your health) is what got you here in the first place. Quitting is easy. Excuses are easy.  Staying the course to your goals is not. You must change your mindset from "I want to get in shape" to "I have to get in shape".

Step 3) Consistency

Following Step 2 will open the door to step 3. Consistency. As with anything in life, you have to stay consistent at something to achieve anything. Graduate college? Gotta go to class. Get that promotion at work? Gotta give 110%. Want that new Car? Get that promotion....Your health is no different. Maybe you dont need to lose weight, maybe you just need to relieve stress, maybe you want to net work with new people. If you're flaky with your training schedule then you will get flaky results. You can hire the best personal trainer in the world but if you cancel 50% of the time, you're just wasting money, and time (of both parties)

Step 4) Reevaluate yourself

This is time for reflection. Look back to see where you were and where you are at now. If you lost 20 lbs, go pick up a 20 pound weight and just feel it. It gives you a visualization of how much you've lost. I have a couple clients that are in the 30-40 lb total weight loss range and when I stop them and ask them to squat the weight they lost, it really puts things into perspective. If your goal wasn't to lose weight, perhaps it was to increase strength look back at the workouts you use to do vs what you can do CONSISTENTLY now.

What about boxing? Ring time is the time when you put your new skills, your quicker reaction speeds all to work. I've been training this guy Ben for a few years now and just recently he was able to land the hardest punch hes ever landed on me. He was more aggressive and had better defense then the last time we moved around. Yeah the punch stung a bit, but it made me happy as trainer and a coach.

Point is, take time to pat yourself on the back. The mind needs reinforcement as does the body. Even if you aren't quite at the goal you set, the road itself has many rewards be sure to enjoy them.

Step 5) Set New goals

Your training should never stop. You reach a goal, its just time to set a higher one. Embrace that grind. Celebrate your victory over yourself, regroup and set out on the next road. A couple of my cardio clients have decided to try out my skilled Boxing program after participating in the cardio program for years. They are in great shape, but learning to actually box is something completely different then smacking the bag around. Its difficult, and frustrating and can sting a bit at times. However, they now have a new goal and a new purpose behind their training.