Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bored? Diversify your workouts.

I think everyone can agree that at some point in our fitness endeavors, we have gotten outright bored with our routine and then we start slacking off. Three weeks of that and your abs or your ass don't look quite as good. But you cant help it you tell yourself, youre bored of what youre doing and you need a change. But to what? What is going to stimulate you mentally and physically?

Realizing you are bored or you are stagnating with your current workout is key, and you can mix up what you are doing. But you need to be smart with it. Know your goals and design a program based off of that. You can diversify your workouts and still keep the same goals. Its just a different road to the same place. What does that "different road" do for you if it takes you to the same place? It creates neurological stimulation for you that will translate, if executed through the right program, to some significant physical gains.

 A simple example would be toning for women. The go to thing for women to tone up is.........RUNNING! WooooooOOOOOO. That's awesome, for about 2 months then that gets boring....but youll keep doing it because, yes you will lose some weight and tighten up. And eventually reach the plateau everyone encounters. Typically, people will add miles and miles onto their routine, putting their joints through hell even longer just to try to see more gains. Eventually you just end up running your muscle off so theres nothing left to tone. That's if you don't develop shin splints, knee/back problems from improper running technique. But I digress.

Instead, what you can do is change up how you do your cardio. Boxing/Kickboxing for example is a great alternative AND....neurologically stimulates your brain so you are generally interested and...enjoy your new workout. You can keep your running, but limit what you do with it. Don't over train. As anyone that comes to Knockout and has enrolled in our Cardio Program, they will tell you we have thousands of ways to wear you out cardio wise...none of which will throw away the muscle you need to be healthy and look your best. Variations even from workout to workout keep your body and mind stimulated and keeps our clients in great shape.

Don't be afraid to change stuff up, you'll be glad you did!

Knockout Night, July 25th @ Schaefers Canal House in Chesapeake City, MD. Jonathan will be there around 730-8pm ish.

Outty 5000 take it Easy.

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